What Clients Say

Much of my work is confidential; however, here are comments from a few clients so you have an idea about what to expect. You can also read feedback on my LinkedIn profile and on Google Reviews. If you'd like additional references, please contact me.

From Individual Clients

"Christine's approach is one that inspires long after any session. She encourages our whole to be the best we can, providing the tools to remove fear and creates the space we need to bring clarity as to where our career may proceed to allow one to work with passion and meaning throughout our lives. Her session notes, recommendations and tools are helping me take leaps in my life I never thought possible." — Tina Oster

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class with Christine. She has the ability to engage each participant in an authentic and thought-provoking way. I found myself thinking about my current work differently and expanding my definition of the type of work I want to be involved with in the future. It was a very helpful and worthwhile experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to clarify their goals around work and life." — Debra, HR Manager

"I hired Christine to guide and counsel me through some very difficult times in my career. Not only did her guidance help me get through the tough times, with her help I was actually able to make a large impact on my firm and shift the negative atmosphere into a much more positive work environment. I highly recommend contacting Christine to increase your performance and satisfaction in employment.” — Ashley Geyer, Attorney

"I had my doubts about working with a Career Coach and probably would not have contacted Christine had an engineer friend of mine not recommended her. Christine's approach is practical, concrete, and effective. I left our sessions feeling like I had new tools to use, and found her particularly helpful with interview preparations. I was told on more than one interview that I asked great questions, all of which I came up with while meeting with Christine one session. I have sent 3 more of my friends to Christine because of how successful I felt my time with her was."
— Mary Beth Mulcahy, PhD

“Christine was very helpful in my transition from working as an employee in a clinic to starting my own business. I would hire her again in the future for any further transitions." — Kathy Isacks, MPS, RD

“Christine is a joy to work with and is very creative in suggesting ways for you think about where you are with your work and where you want to be - her input was invaluable. Thanks Christine!” — Amy Reavis Sinn

“After taking the classes, I've managed to find happiness again at work. In turn, this positive energy has resulted in more work coming my way, and I'm getting more done. Your holistic approach to find happiness has been helpful. Thank you for all your wisdom.” — Hector Padilla

From Organizations

"Christine presented a workshop, “Find Work While Enjoying the Process,” to our 50+ clients recently, all of whom are seeking employment.  Most people when out of work feel anxious, even desperate to find a job, any job.  Christine was able, in one short hour, to offer experiential tools to help the participants find a lighter, more uplifting way to open themselves to finding their next venture.  People left looking relieved and energized.  Her process opened my eyes to a less stressful, even fun way to approach job searching."— Deb Blankenship, Workforce Boulder County

“Christine facilitated a series of bi-weekly sessions with our HR team to address and manage job challenges. Her sessions are of a high quality and customized, and she is outstanding in planning, organization, and follow up. Christine is innovative and creative, providing useful ideas, not just theories. She has a positive attitude and demonstrates her expertise with respect. She encourages integrity from participants, and they trust her.”
— Emily Willcock, HR Manager, Carmel Community Living Corporation

"We hired Christine to support our leadership team in becoming more effective at handling stress and staying healthy in a high stress environment. In addition to her in depth knowledge on the subject, I appreciated Christine's approach to planning and delivering the material. I liked that she didn't depend on a preconceived Power Point to present the material. Instead she adapted the content to meet the current needs of the participants and kept us on course- outstanding! She also followed up each class with reviews and reminders- that was cool!

Our leadership team agreed. Their feedback included:

“Christine Gust is an exrtaordinary consultant! I have used her coaching services numerous times as a small business owner needing HR consulting. Many times she has coached me to handle my employees in situations where I had no experience. Asd a result of her coaching, I have been able to negotiate employee challenges positively, with respect, honesty, clarity and love. You can't find a warmer, more joyful and more supportive coach than Christine! I recommend her to anyone who wants HR issues to be handled as HUMAN resources rather than legal protection.”
— Sandra Zimmer, President and Founder, The Self-Expression Center

"Christine has a true gift in meeting people exactly where they are, without judgment or criticism. Her presentations are clear, concise, common sense, and inclusive. Above all, they are engaging and FUN! her work helps to expand people's professional options exponentially. One leaves with a shift of mindset from "stuck" to "sufficiency" to ultimately "success" and "satisfaction." — Dr. Shelley Kappel

“Being in a group facilitated by Christine helped me feel more supported, and I now have more trust in my ability as a Human Resources manager. I have better skills in understanding and communicating with employees and empowering them to resolve issues. I am also more aware of my own stress level and how to de-stress. Christine gently guided me toward the experience that I knew, or had hoped, my job could be." — Holly Harris, Human Resources Manager

“Unexpected presentation but very much to the point as to what needs to happen to have happy employees. A refreshing way to look at retention. She asked about our needs at the start and covered them. It was great, and I want more.”
— Feedback from attendee at Colorado Nonprofit Association (CANPO) presentation on Recruiting and Retaining Employees